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Find me at Tranquility Within in Patchogue, NY on Saturdays and The Vitality Center in Commack or Fridays.

Sign up for services via Tranquility's webpage The Vitality Center's webpage or contact me.


Letting Go of Sugar

This is a group class that runs 4 weeks with a maximum of 4 participants. It will be held at Tranquility Within in Patchogue on Saturdays. The class costs $15 if paid per session and $55 if paid in full (refunds not offered for missed classes). 

Classes can also be held at a home. So grab your friends and let's get started!

Overview of topics covered in each group session:

Week 1: The highly addictive nature of sugar & its impact on certain hormones and neurotransmitters

Week 2: How sugar can lead to weight gain by examining the physiological impact of sugar on insulin levels and the liver
Week 3: The importance of fats, fiber, and greens when letting go of sugar & the effect of sugar on the microbiome and gut health

Week 4: How eliminating sugar leads to longevity & helps prevent inflammatory illnesses including cancer


In this group class...

We'll support each other in a 4-phase journey to quit refined sugars. 

We'll hold each other accountable to the goals we make. 

You will receive support in the form of tips, strategies, recipes, and education. 

This is a non-judgemental space where you can discuss your personal struggles and celebrate your successes!

It's ok to enter the class at any point as long as there is space. The 4-step phase will still be outlined for you to follow. 

Reserve your spot in advance.

Contact me for details!



CBD Consultation

CBD consults are always free. Make an appointment with me at Tranquility Within on Saturdays or The Vitality Center in Commack on Fridays. Spend 15-30 minutes discussing uses and precautions of products.


One-on-One Health Coaching

Most clients benefit from 6 ($600) or 3 month ($300) programs in which we have biweekly sessions. Most find it convenient to do these as tele-sessions, so long distance is not an obstacle. We will work together to strategize the best plan for you to reach your personal health goals and create sustainable habits, connecting the dots between who you are and who you want to be. I will provide you with two 50-minute sessions per month, email support between sessions, simple and delicious recipes, and tools relevant to your needs. 


Other Wellness Services  

These are included in monthly coaching plans. (Prices subject to change.)


Kitchen Detox: (60 minutes) Price: $55 - We'll review the quality of the products in your own home and I'll show you what can be replaced or eliminated with better food choices.
Food Shopping Tour: (60 minutes) Price: $55 - Learn about labels, ingredients, and food qualityso that you can fill your shopping cart with healthy and nutritious foods.

Cooking Classes: (60-90 minutes) - Prices vary. These can be group or individual.

Single Coaching Seesion as needed $55


Eating-Reset Plan ($250)

Eating-Reset is a gentle way to detox. Unlike some detox plans that require fasting or a

liquid diet., the core principle is to eat wholesome nutritious foods without added sweeteners,

refined carbs, and preservatives.  The foods you eat will be minimally processed and ideally

home-cooked. In addition to developing healthy and sustainable eating habits, you'll

re-conceptualize which methods of exercise best suit you. This plan can be completed

100% virtually or in-person. 

The plan includes the following:

Initial health consultation • Kitchen inventory "detox" • Guidelines on what to remove and include

from your daily diet • Weekly phone sessions (5 - 6 weeks in total) to discuss challenges and progress 

• Exercise planning • Recipes • Gifts!   Join with a friend and you each receive a discount.

To decide if health coaching is right for you, sign up today for a free phone consultation. 

What are you waiting for? Let's do this!