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Alicia’s health coaching came into my life at the optimal time. Just prior to our consultations, I had decided to eliminate foods that were causing chronic inflammation, pain, and stomach bloating. Alicia’s biweekly consultations helped me to evaluate my current food habits and make small but significant changes to my lifestyle. As a result, I have transitioned into a gluten free and mostly paleo diet without feeling like I’m depriving myself of life’s joys. Alicia provided the most delicious and easy recipes, shopping lists, food planning tips, and ideas for managing social occasions. I currently feel like I eat more mindfully and in accordance with my body’s needs. Finally, Alicia is beyond just a heath and food coach; she considers the emotional and social factors that contribute to unhealthy food choices. She came into my life right after a divorce and helped me recognize the relationship between food choices and emotions. She’s a compassionate person with very broad knowledge and skills. I feel so great, and I have Alicia’s coaching to thank! ~ Lauren B.



Thank you so much for the lecture, the information is proving helpful! We aren't sure if it's coincidence or the capsules, but my mom has been suffering from clogged ear ducts for a few months. Her doctors have been prescribing multiple kinds of medications and nothing has worked. It has been so bad and uncomfortable that they were considering surgery. However, after taking that first capsule Wednesday night, when she got home her ears unclogged! We are very excited to include the CBD into our diets! ~ Jill O.



I want to give you a big thank you for my cooking class! The menu was perfect! I felt I was with the best chef in NY at the best restaurant. You did not miss any details to make sure we had every thing we needed. Also thank you for picking fresh healthy organic ingredients. It made a big difference not just to the taste, my belly and my body were really happy. The Mediterranean quinoa was so easy to make and very delicious and the shrimp "cocktail" was superb. I can’t believe we made that incredibly delicious food in less than an hour. The dessert was amazing and perfect to end my fancy dinner. I have to tell you a secret, my husband enjoyed it very much too. We had a fancy romantic dinner twice. He could not stop saying how delicious it was. ~ Maria R.



I was hesitant at first to try CBD oil to help with my anxiety and stress levels because I'm always afraid of side effects. However, through a few conversations with Alicia about CBD to ease my doubts, I tried a few drops in my water. I gradually felt my jaw unclench and my shoulders relax. Immediately, I was ready, relaxed, and focused for the rest of my day. I felt absolutely no side effects-- no crash, no 'high', absolutely nothing to turn me off. I will continue to use Elixinol Liposomes Hemp Extract. ~ Catherine M.



Wow! I have difficulty expressing the magnitude in which Alicia Salazar with Stay Balanced has helped me with my health. It started about a year ago when I attended a free seminar about the endocannabinoid system. The information was so clear, even for a layman like myself. With the information provided, came samples of healthy snacks and hemp protein that were life changing. I immediately booked a consultation with Alicia. With a Gestalt approach, she addresses all aspects of my life and how I was currently operating in relation to food. We examined my career, family, spiritual and physical aspects of my daily routine. This was a truly eye opening experience. She then came and performed a "kitchen detox."  Alicia went through my cupboards and refrigerator and educated me specifically on ingredients in products to avoid and their negative impact on my health and that of my family. Ever since, I have been diligent, where I have never been before, on what foods I bring into my home. She helped identify the stressors or time of day where I find it difficult to stay focused on my health and want to cheat. Alicia provided easy, no-bake recipes that I have on hand in moments of weakness that satisfies craving and are delicious!!!  I actually only crave these healthy snacks now. She has also helped me become aware of how foods high in sugar make me feel. Once I became aware, I no longer crave sugar and have many healthier options. ~ Jen M.



I was diagnosed carpal tunnel and used to wake up with intense pain on my wrist and used to get a numbness sensation.  For an active person like me going to the gym few times per week, this was really upsetting. After describing my situation to Alicia, she recommended me to take Pea Cure and CBD oil pills along with enhancing my diet with hemp protein in order to reduce the inflammation and balance my diet. The carpal tunnel symptoms went away within a week after taking Pea Cure, CBD oil and incorporating hemp protein. Her approach was more of balancing my system from within rather than treating the symptoms and that makes a significant difference. ~ Camilo S.