4:27 pm

Wishes for 2018! Do you know what color green and yellow make?

Charteuese. Not the fist color combination that we usually think of. In 2018, I wish you a new perspective. I wish you the thoughts that are tucked away inside waiting for the right moment to appear. Its in absence that we allow for discovery. May you discover something this year. This is not a resolution. This is not a goal. You can't control it and you'll only find solace in letting go. I wish you the patience and awareness to let this discovery take place.

And for those who have committed to a goal or new years resolution ... I hope you'll find your rhythm.

Before you begin paying more attention to ways to improve your nutrition and overall health, know that this is not a temporary process. Our bodies are constantly falling in and out of balance. Some of us may need to dedicate more time and attention to getting this balance, while others will find it effortlessly. For me, this has been a (adult) life-long process. Eating and living healthfully are parts of my life. The ultimate goal is to stay close enough to the point of balance on a daily basis to struggle less and find a rhythm that you can exist in.

I promise to highlight foods and recipes this year!
This was an exciting find. Lavva vegan yogurt free of added sugars and gluten and sweetened with plantains making it paleo-friendly.