A New Year's Shift


Happy new year to you!

With the holidays behind you, you're probably finding that your thoughts are starting to settle, leaving you with time to re-evaluate things in your life. It’s natural to find comfort in routines and familiar spaces, yet you may feel the urge to make some shifts in the days ahead. Where will you start and how much will you try to change?


Start with your mindset. We can’t move mountains if we see them as a barrier. We can’t lose weight if we don’t appreciate our body for all its hardwork. We can’t salvage our space in a relationship if we think faults are one-sided. We can’t convince others we have something to share if we don’t acknowledge what they bring to the table.
What thoughts no longer serve you? How easily can you let them go? How deeply rooted are they?

Try a few mindful activities to help you shift your mindset.
Journal: Write it out till you can clear the clutter and dust off your true voice. 


Meditate or engage in meditative activities: Give yourself time to clear your mind and allow it to reset. With constant thoughts, we don’t always have the time to hear who we are or what we want.


Talk to a healer: Whatever healer you feel drawn to will work, but make sure it’s a space where you feel no judgement and comfortable enough to let it all out. You can work together to clearly hear what your needs and desires are.


CBD: For me, I find clients do well with all of these activities along with CBD - which can absolutely be helpful in making these shifts. CBD can help diminish the ruminating thoughts and lack of focus which prevents us from thinking with more clarity. CBD can also help ease the stress and anxiety we feel when making a shift, especially if it’s a big one and out of our comfort zone.




My Shift for the New Year

I saw Weed the People this past week at the Huntington Cinema Arts Centre. The movie had a mix of ups and downs as it showed the experience of several families and their fight against childhood cancer. As a mother of young children, of course it tore at my heartstrings. These families had to make tough choices. And cannabis wasn’t exactly a superhero flying in to save the day. Instead, it was in chains. We can’t move mountains until we change our perspective. Cannabis has so much potential, but we’ll never know all it's capable of (or not) if we don’t shift our view of it. We need access to do research. With research we can make informed decisions.
So, I’m shifting a bit myself this year to be more committed to cannabis. With the strong possibility of recreational cannabis coming to NY in the upcoming year, I feel the importance of educating my community. I do have concerns about a recreational market. I don’t like the sensationalism that often surrounds cannabis; I prefer to be realistic. We need to remove cannabis as a schedule 1 substance so that research can be done. Right now, there is too much trial and error with its use. People deserve to have access to the plant and to know what is or isn’t right for them. Learn more about viewing Weed the People here.


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