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5 Powerful Roots and Herbs To Stockpile in Your Kitchen - Guest Post by Scott Reid



5 Powerful Roots and Herbs To Stockpile in Your Kitchen

There are many different medicinal and nutritional properties which herbs and plants can bring to your kitchen, helping improve your health and boost energy levels – naturally and without the jitters which come from other kinds of energy-boosting substances.

So if you want to boost your energy naturally, it’s worth stockpiling a choice of roots and herbs in your kitchen to make teas instead of drinking caffeine-fuelled drinks, or add to your dishes for a natural boost.

Here is our top five list of roots and herbs to stockpile:

Commonly found in health food shops, Guarana comes from a plant native to Brazil and is proven to help improve your mental agility, focus and also to boost your energy levels. It’s the ideal herb for improving your attention span and memory speed so if you have a taxing assignment or project coming up, this herb will come in very handy. You may also hear other names, like Indian Ginseng also known as Ashwagandha.

Ginseng has been popular in Chinese medicine for thousands of years and is proven to support the immune system, boost energy and help to enhance brain function. It’s also used for enhancing physical performance naturally as it can raise energy levels.

Ginkgo Biloba
This herb comes from the trees of the gingko tree in China and is well recognized for helping to improve brain function– particularly the memory, focus and overall activity. It is used in herbal remedies for various brain disorders.

Maca Root
Maca root grows in Peru and is another that has been used for thousands of years for its natural libido and fertility enhancing effects. It also boosts energy levels and has been known to enhance memory and learning powers.

This is the perfect root to go for if you need an energy boost after a workout. It helps to increase stamina levels and boost endurance ability while working out. Beetroot juice can help you to keep working out for longer.

How should I use these herbs and roots?
There is really no limit to the ways you can make best use of these herbs and roots once you have them stockpiled in your kitchen.

Most of them come in a variety of forms such as fresh, dried, powder or capsules so you can chop and change how you use them according to what you are doing that day and what fits in best with your own routine.

For example, you could add powder to a daily shake for breakfast, or even chop up some fresh herbs to add to the blender to create that extra energy boost for your smoothie or shake.

You can use the herbs and roots within your cooking, just sprinkle some in to whichever meal you are making, to get the benefit they bring into your diet every day, no matter what’s on the menu.

Or, if you don’t like the flavor, or you can only find the capsule version, then take the herbs and roots as a supplement to have in addition to your daily meals. If you are planning to take supplements you should always seek advice, particularly if you are using any other medication.

Many herbs and roots can also be bought as a tea so look out for herbal teas in your health shop or supermarket and replace your caffeine addiction with a healthy and less stressful herbal tea and you will soon start to feel the difference.

Another option is to buy a blend of herbs in ready-made powder which you can then add into shakes or use for baking, such as baking your own protein bars – this method of consuming healthy herbs and roots is particularly good if you are an exercise fiend and looking for a healthy snack to boost your energy levels during, or after a workout session.

This list is just our top five – of course there are plenty of other herbs and roots out there to choose from and you could even try growing your own in an allotment, your garden or even just in a window box in your kitchen.

Herbs and roots have been renowned for their medicinal properties for thousands of years, not to mention their culinary delight, so we can rest assured they are tried and tested. However, it’s always best to seek medical advice as some medications and herbs can interact.

However, if you are looking to boost your energy levels naturally, and trying to cut back on your intake of caffeine, then natural herbal teas are an easy and good way to start on your herb and root journey.

Once you have a taste for the teas, you can try adding in herbs and roots into other parts of your diet and incorporating them into your daily food intake. You will certainly notice the difference.


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