Brown fat, White fat, and CBD

A question I've been asked a lot lately is if CBD helps with weight loss- something we tend to focus on when the summer weather comes rolling in.


My initial reply is that targeting the endocannabinoid system naturally helps with weight loss. If we target the system nutritionally, physically, and therapeutically - we aid the body in finding balance. It is through balance or homeostasis that our bodies can find a healthy regulation of cellular communication. It is in this cellular communication that signals are released for our body to produce  - for example - more or less cortisol, more or less insulin, more or less ghrelin and leptin. Instead of counting calories or looking at food as a protein, a fat, or a carb - let's start looking at food for its signaling quality. Does the food contain unhealthy forms of fat, overly processed carbs, pesticides, or harmful genetic modifications? These things often can alter the signals that our body sends.


A wonderful side effect of eating hemp or using CBD oils is a reduction in cravings and overeating. And did you know that fat can be affected by CBD? Oh - and did you know that fat can be brown or white??


Research conducted in 2016 (Daegu University, Korea) found that brown fat can increase our metabolism and help us burn calories - putting us in the right mode for losing excess weight, whereas white fat can increase risk for coronary disease and diabetes. (Remember - not all fat is bad fat.)


Research shows that CBD can stimulate the breakdown of fat, improve cellular metabolism, and lower the production of new fat cells. Ultimately, CBD can help convert white fat to brown fat by increasing heat, transforming it into a calorie-burning fat.


So eat your greens, drink plenty of water, and get your daily dose of CBD this summer! Contact me and set up a coaching session to get your endocannabinoid system in balance! Refer to this post and receive 15% off your summer coaching session.

Image by Tuoseli 


Weight loss tip for the summer:
Eat farm to table.
Join a CSA for your fruits and vegetables and buy your eggs, meat, fish, and dairy from an organic farm. Ask me about the farms I buy from or stop by your local farmers' market. When you purchase your food this way each week, you're much less likely to bring processed food into the house and less likely to eat it.  


Try this fresh green juice recipe made with kale and cucumbers.


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