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12:26 pm

My Best Kept Secrets

I've had a really fun week in the community!
In the last week I had a lecture at Tranquility Within, a day at the Vitality Center, and another at the Red Tent Event. I met wonderful people with wonderful stories, and I was reminded of how we all have our secret stories. When we take the time to speak to others these stories unravel. I'm always a little surprised  by what someone is carrying around. These stories can be a mix of mystifying, unfortunate, and triumphant. What I enjoy most about hearing these stories is the reminder that we all have something to share. I won't be sharing anything too personal today - but I will share one belief. I believe we are experiencing a shift  for the better - a shift in food, ego, and medicine (even currency). This shift will take time and there will be difficulties that arise but with more momentum behind it, the more readily it will take place. I hope you'll join me in helping this shift transpire. For me - this starts with food!


Secret #1
Vanilla Bean Powder - This is one of my favorite ingredients to use in smoothies, desserts, and raw energy balls.

Don't let the price scare you away. I pay about $30 for a bag of this on Amazon, but it lasts a long time. You will use 1/2 tsp of vanilla bean powder when a recipe calls for 1 tsp of vanilla extract. If you have time to scrape the pods, that's an option as well. I agree that the whole food is always better than a modified form.

Vanilla bean powder is easier on the liver with the absence of alcohol, more flavorful, packed with minerals, and has the ability to activate the vanilloid receptors in the body. CBD attaches to these same receptors as do other vanilloids like ginger, cloves, and hot peppers. So you may have already guessed but it has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and so much more. If that's not convincing enough, you can read a bit more here.


Secret #2
Sugar is not as sweet as you think.
You know this already. I'm a huge proponent of a sugar-free lifestyle. And I'm not advocating for artificial sweeteners. I also don't mind a little REAL maple syrup, raw honey, coconut nectar or brown rice syrup. I personally can only tolerate real maple syrup in very small amounts on occasion. But what I cannot tolerate at all is processed white sugar and similar forms of granulated sugar. Even if you are not as sensitive as I am but may want to see how it's affecting you, cut it out of your diet for a week or a month. I think you'll be amazed at the changes - including weight loss. 

I will be holding a Letting Go of Sugar Class from June 9 - 30th. Email me to register. The class will be held at Tranquility Within (time is flexible) on a Saturday or classes can be held at your residence if you have a group of 2-4 people who would like to join and we can choose dates that work best for you. $15 per class or $55 for all 4 classes. 


Secret #3 
Some people still are not comfortable using CBD because it comes from the cannabis plant. If you fit into this category, ask me about PEA. Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) functions like an endocannabinoid and is sourced from plants like palm. It has been shown to have anti-inflammatory, anti-nociceptive, and neuroprotective qualities. PEA is a glial cell modulator, which has an impact on pain. Read more here.

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