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The Mystery Behind Love







What’s the mystery behind love?
This simple, monosyllabic word gets a ton of play. We often use it lightly and without much cognizance, yet as is the nature of many four-letter words, it can have a profound impact.
Despite Valentine’s Day being in the air, the topic of love came up on numerous occasions in the past week: self-love, strained love, love lost, unconditional love, and love in its ubiquitous form – love that exists as in the high-power that connects us all (something which we may label differently).

Perhaps many of us miss that love exists in this way. We are so busy trying to make sense of world with logic and rationality, while love is really something that is experienced once we let go of these constraints. We think we need self-love and we have ways of defining it or we use love as a measurement of how we value things – tangible items, people, ideas.
The routines we label as self-love or romantic love don’t transcend us. Pure love transcends us. It exists within us just as it exists in those around us. But we don’t create it. It exists. If we are unable to recognize it, we live without light and in darkness.
I attended a local guided meditation this week and the theme was about opening the heart to love. For my meditation, I was guided to go to a place that was safe and comforting. For me, this was down a rabbit hole … really! (I did see the Peter Rabbit movie the night before!) There was a bed with a cozy quilt blanket and a black kettle for hot water. My 2 sons gave their hand to me and from the palm of their hands there were streams of sparkling yellow being transmitted from them to me  -  to my heart. As this happened the palms of my hands became really warm and empowered, and I felt a sense of warmth come over my whole body as I sat in the meditation room.
Afterwards, other people spoke about themes of the past and struggles with self-love came up. I found it unfortunate that we have to go back to childhood to remember a time when we experienced pure love towards ourselves. Going back to the past and remembering the magic of innocence and non-judgmental times can bring to the present a gentle reminder of love. It can bring back the magic. But how far have we gotten from love?
Love is All and when we are filled with it we can conquer and overcome, yet be patient and present. We seem to learn mixed messages at a young age of what love is and for some, this can become the biggest source of struggle. Are we good enough? Is it conditional? Does it have to look a certain way or sound a certain way? We try to represent love through words and objects but this only tends to limit it and send the wrong message. Love exists when we take down the barriers of control, judgment, and expectations and open up the space to acceptance, compassion, and strength.
So if you struggle with love in any form – self-love or love for others, don’t try to find it or form it, instead create the space for it.

Hang gentle reminders around your space – home, work, play. If love is your family – have pictures of them close by and take time to look at them. If love is nature – spend time in it or bring it into your daily space. Find time to appreciate what exists around you and let love occur, in its most organic and pure form.

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