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5 Powerful Roots and Herbs To Stockpile in Your Kitchen - Guest Post by Scott Reid



5 Powerful Roots and Herbs To Stockpile in Your Kitchen

There are many different medicinal and nutritional properties which herbs and plants can bring to your kitchen, helping improve your health and boost energy levels – naturally and without the jitters which come from other kinds of energy-boosting substances.

So if you want to boost your energy naturally, it’s worth stockpiling a choice of roots and herbs in your kitchen to make teas instead of drinking caffeine-fuelled drinks, or add to your dishes for a natural boost.

Here is our top five list of roots and herbs to stockpile:

Commonly found in health food shops, Guarana comes from a plant native to Brazil and is proven to help improve your mental agility, focus and also to boost your energy levels. It’s the ideal herb for improving your attention span and memory speed so if you have a taxing assignment or project coming up, this herb will come in very handy. You may also hear other names, like Indian Ginseng also known as Ashwagandha.

Ginseng has been popular in Chinese medicine for thousands of years and is proven to support the immune system, boost energy and help to enhance brain function. It’s also used for enhancing physical performance naturally as it can raise energy levels.

Ginkgo Biloba
This herb comes from the trees of the gingko tree in China and is well recognized for helping to improve brain function– particularly the memory, focus and overall activity. It is used in herbal remedies for various brain disorders.

Maca Root
Maca root grows in Peru and is another that has been used for thousands of years for its natural libido and fertility enhancing effects. It also boosts energy levels and has been known to enhance memory and learning powers.

This is the perfect root to go for if you need an energy boost after a workout. It helps to increase stamina levels and boost endurance ability while working out. Beetroot juice can help you to keep working out for longer.

How should I use these herbs and roots?
There is really no limit to the ways you can make best use of these herbs and roots once you have them stockpiled in your kitchen.

Most of them come in a variety of forms such as fresh, dried, powder or capsules so you can chop and change how you use them according to what you are doing that day and what fits in best with your own routine.

For example, you could add powder to a daily shake for breakfast, or even chop up some fresh herbs to add to the blender to create that extra energy boost for your smoothie or shake.

You can use the herbs and roots within your cooking, just sprinkle some in to whichever meal you are making, to get the benefit they bring into your diet every day, no matter what’s on the menu.

Or, if you don’t like the flavor, or you can only find the capsule version, then take the herbs and roots as a supplement to have in addition to your daily meals. If you are planning to take supplements you should always seek advice, particularly if you are using any other medication.

Many herbs and roots can also be bought as a tea so look out for herbal teas in your health shop or supermarket and replace your caffeine addiction with a healthy and less stressful herbal tea and you will soon start to feel the difference.

Another option is to buy a blend of herbs in ready-made powder which you can then add into shakes or use for baking, such as baking your own protein bars – this method of consuming healthy herbs and roots is particularly good if you are an exercise fiend and looking for a healthy snack to boost your energy levels during, or after a workout session.

This list is just our top five – of course there are plenty of other herbs and roots out there to choose from and you could even try growing your own in an allotment, your garden or even just in a window box in your kitchen.

Herbs and roots have been renowned for their medicinal properties for thousands of years, not to mention their culinary delight, so we can rest assured they are tried and tested. However, it’s always best to seek medical advice as some medications and herbs can interact.

However, if you are looking to boost your energy levels naturally, and trying to cut back on your intake of caffeine, then natural herbal teas are an easy and good way to start on your herb and root journey.

Once you have a taste for the teas, you can try adding in herbs and roots into other parts of your diet and incorporating them into your daily food intake. You will certainly notice the difference.


Read more from Scott Reid here at Focus Performance

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Brown fat, White fat, and CBD

A question I've been asked a lot lately is if CBD helps with weight loss- something we tend to focus on when the summer weather comes rolling in.


My initial reply is that targeting the endocannabinoid system naturally helps with weight loss. If we target the system nutritionally, physically, and therapeutically - we aid the body in finding balance. It is through balance or homeostasis that our bodies can find a healthy regulation of cellular communication. It is in this cellular communication that signals are released for our body to produce  - for example - more or less cortisol, more or less insulin, more or less ghrelin and leptin. Instead of counting calories or looking at food as a protein, a fat, or a carb - let's start looking at food for its signaling quality. Does the food contain unhealthy forms of fat, overly processed carbs, pesticides, or harmful genetic modifications? These things often can alter the signals that our body sends.


A wonderful side effect of eating hemp or using CBD oils is a reduction in cravings and overeating. And did you know that fat can be affected by CBD? Oh - and did you know that fat can be brown or white??


Research conducted in 2016 (Daegu University, Korea) found that brown fat can increase our metabolism and help us burn calories - putting us in the right mode for losing excess weight, whereas white fat can increase risk for coronary disease and diabetes. (Remember - not all fat is bad fat.)


Research shows that CBD can stimulate the breakdown of fat, improve cellular metabolism, and lower the production of new fat cells. Ultimately, CBD can help convert white fat to brown fat by increasing heat, transforming it into a calorie-burning fat.


So eat your greens, drink plenty of water, and get your daily dose of CBD this summer! Contact me and set up a coaching session to get your endocannabinoid system in balance! Refer to this post and receive 15% off your summer coaching session.

Image by Tuoseli 


Weight loss tip for the summer:
Eat farm to table.
Join a CSA for your fruits and vegetables and buy your eggs, meat, fish, and dairy from an organic farm. Ask me about the farms I buy from or stop by your local farmers' market. When you purchase your food this way each week, you're much less likely to bring processed food into the house and less likely to eat it.  


Try this fresh green juice recipe made with kale and cucumbers.

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My Best Kept Secrets

I've had a really fun week in the community!
In the last week I had a lecture at Tranquility Within, a day at the Vitality Center, and another at the Red Tent Event. I met wonderful people with wonderful stories, and I was reminded of how we all have our secret stories. When we take the time to speak to others these stories unravel. I'm always a little surprised  by what someone is carrying around. These stories can be a mix of mystifying, unfortunate, and triumphant. What I enjoy most about hearing these stories is the reminder that we all have something to share. I won't be sharing anything too personal today - but I will share one belief. I believe we are experiencing a shift  for the better - a shift in food, ego, and medicine (even currency). This shift will take time and there will be difficulties that arise but with more momentum behind it, the more readily it will take place. I hope you'll join me in helping this shift transpire. For me - this starts with food!


Secret #1
Vanilla Bean Powder - This is one of my favorite ingredients to use in smoothies, desserts, and raw energy balls.

Don't let the price scare you away. I pay about $30 for a bag of this on Amazon, but it lasts a long time. You will use 1/2 tsp of vanilla bean powder when a recipe calls for 1 tsp of vanilla extract. If you have time to scrape the pods, that's an option as well. I agree that the whole food is always better than a modified form.

Vanilla bean powder is easier on the liver with the absence of alcohol, more flavorful, packed with minerals, and has the ability to activate the vanilloid receptors in the body. CBD attaches to these same receptors as do other vanilloids like ginger, cloves, and hot peppers. So you may have already guessed but it has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and so much more. If that's not convincing enough, you can read a bit more here.


Secret #2
Sugar is not as sweet as you think.
You know this already. I'm a huge proponent of a sugar-free lifestyle. And I'm not advocating for artificial sweeteners. I also don't mind a little REAL maple syrup, raw honey, coconut nectar or brown rice syrup. I personally can only tolerate real maple syrup in very small amounts on occasion. But what I cannot tolerate at all is processed white sugar and similar forms of granulated sugar. Even if you are not as sensitive as I am but may want to see how it's affecting you, cut it out of your diet for a week or a month. I think you'll be amazed at the changes - including weight loss. 

I will be holding a Letting Go of Sugar Class from June 9 - 30th. Email me to register. The class will be held at Tranquility Within (time is flexible) on a Saturday or classes can be held at your residence if you have a group of 2-4 people who would like to join and we can choose dates that work best for you. $15 per class or $55 for all 4 classes. 


Secret #3 
Some people still are not comfortable using CBD because it comes from the cannabis plant. If you fit into this category, ask me about PEA. Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) functions like an endocannabinoid and is sourced from plants like palm. It has been shown to have anti-inflammatory, anti-nociceptive, and neuroprotective qualities. PEA is a glial cell modulator, which has an impact on pain. Read more here.

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My Guest Blog: CBD 101: What to Know Before Buying












Read the post here

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Ready to have FUN with your morning coffee?

Mushroom Coffee Four Sigmatic










Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee with Chaga & Lion's Mane
Be good to your body and mind! Brew this coffee at home and feel your productivity, focus, and creativity spark! Did you know coffee is full of antioxidants to keep you healthy? Unfortunately its full of pesticides too - so always go for organic. Four Sigmatic has found a way to minimize the negative side effects some of us get from coffee and add more benefits by adding mushrooms into their blends! 

Lion's Mane is known to support your brain including memory and concentration. And Chaga is known as the King of Medicinal Mushrooms. Read about its impact on immunity including its impact on cancer -  here.

Transform your health one cup at a time!

Find your Four Sigmatic here!

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My guest post on NewMommy'

Read the post here to learn more about my experience with hemp protein to fuel my body during some of the most physically trying times of motherhood. Find the link below "source".

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The Mystery Behind Love







What’s the mystery behind love?
This simple, monosyllabic word gets a ton of play. We often use it lightly and without much cognizance, yet as is the nature of many four-letter words, it can have a profound impact.
Despite Valentine’s Day being in the air, the topic of love came up on numerous occasions in the past week: self-love, strained love, love lost, unconditional love, and love in its ubiquitous form – love that exists as in the high-power that connects us all (something which we may label differently).

Perhaps many of us miss that love exists in this way. We are so busy trying to make sense of world with logic and rationality, while love is really something that is experienced once we let go of these constraints. We think we need self-love and we have ways of defining it or we use love as a measurement of how we value things – tangible items, people, ideas.
The routines we label as self-love or romantic love don’t transcend us. Pure love transcends us. It exists within us just as it exists in those around us. But we don’t create it. It exists. If we are unable to recognize it, we live without light and in darkness.
I attended a local guided meditation this week and the theme was about opening the heart to love. For my meditation, I was guided to go to a place that was safe and comforting. For me, this was down a rabbit hole … really! (I did see the Peter Rabbit movie the night before!) There was a bed with a cozy quilt blanket and a black kettle for hot water. My 2 sons gave their hand to me and from the palm of their hands there were streams of sparkling yellow being transmitted from them to me  -  to my heart. As this happened the palms of my hands became really warm and empowered, and I felt a sense of warmth come over my whole body as I sat in the meditation room.
Afterwards, other people spoke about themes of the past and struggles with self-love came up. I found it unfortunate that we have to go back to childhood to remember a time when we experienced pure love towards ourselves. Going back to the past and remembering the magic of innocence and non-judgmental times can bring to the present a gentle reminder of love. It can bring back the magic. But how far have we gotten from love?
Love is All and when we are filled with it we can conquer and overcome, yet be patient and present. We seem to learn mixed messages at a young age of what love is and for some, this can become the biggest source of struggle. Are we good enough? Is it conditional? Does it have to look a certain way or sound a certain way? We try to represent love through words and objects but this only tends to limit it and send the wrong message. Love exists when we take down the barriers of control, judgment, and expectations and open up the space to acceptance, compassion, and strength.
So if you struggle with love in any form – self-love or love for others, don’t try to find it or form it, instead create the space for it.

Hang gentle reminders around your space – home, work, play. If love is your family – have pictures of them close by and take time to look at them. If love is nature – spend time in it or bring it into your daily space. Find time to appreciate what exists around you and let love occur, in its most organic and pure form.

Big News for Stay Balanced!
Come say hello on Saturdays at Tranquility Within on Main Street in Patchogue where I will be seeing clients in my new office!

Letting Go of Sugar
Join me on Saturdays at Tranquility Within in Patchogue starting March 3rd for this group class: Letting Go of Sugar. This is a 4-week class - $15 per class with space for 4 people.

Learn more about the class (under work with me)

Hemp Hearts For Sale!
Natural, Pink Himalayan Salt and Maple. 30% off. Use code Vdayhearts


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What Controls You? The Endocannabinoid System - A Brief Explanation










Do people still debate on nature vs nurture? Or has this become an obsolete question? Do you believe your life is pre-determined and already mapped out? Do you believe you forge your path by your experiences and choices? It’s important to understand the difference between genetics and epigenetics (external influences that can turn genetic markers "on" or "off”). We are born with infinite possibilities and at the same time predispositions that can have a strong hold on us. It's possible that if an illness or condition runs in the family, you may face it too – but – you may also have the capability to ward it off. Can you control it? Yes and no. Nature and nurture do play a role.

The Endocannabinoid System - A Brief Explanation

The human body is equipped with a system that can help you manage these predispositions. The ECS or endocannabinoid system (EN–doh–cuh–NAB–inoid) was discovered around 1990. It's often referred to as the body’s regulatory system. It regulates the functioning of many processes in the human body: protection and adaptation of the brain, embryonic development, immunity, pain, carcinogenesis (cancer formation), sleep, memory, feeding and metabolism.

We make lifestyle choices including the foods we eat and the behaviors or practices we engage in. While genetics plays a role in how an individual’s ECS functions, we also have some control over this system in the same way we can turn the heat up or down with the thermostat in our house. Eating inflammatory foods such as unhealthy fats and refined sugars can put this system into an imbalanced state and “turn up the heat” in our bodies. Imagine having the heat in your house on all summer long. You’d feel pretty miserable and waste a whole lot of energy. By eating healthy fats, such as hemp seeds and hemp oil, grass-fed products, or even taking fish oil, we fuel this system promoting it to properly regulate processes in the body by regulating inflammation. It’s like using a “smart” thermostat in your house. The body can function efficiently if given the proper fuel or mode of control.
The ECS is a system of receptors, lipids (fats), and enzymes. The receptors act like baseball players in the field with their gloves open waiting for the balls to come to them. Lipids are the balls – some come from our own body (endocannabinoids) and some come from what we consume (including phytocannabinoids from plants). Imagine it's batting practice with 4 catchers in the field. Not every ball will make it into a glove. Let’s imagine half of those balls (or fats) are “healthy” and half are “unhealthy”. We have a 50/50 chance of catching a good one. Before it gets caught, an enzyme works to break down the lipid to fit into the receptor, but unfortunately, the healthy and unhealthy fats (lipids) compete for the same enzyme. If we are eating a standard American diet, that ratio gets skewed. We have a 20:1 ratio, more or less, of unhealthy to healthy fats. More unhealthy fats will reach receptors, get the enzyme and crowd out the healthy ones.
We can make choices to optimize the functioning of this system and when we do we realize that we can exert control over our health and our well-being. Consider this next time you have to make a choice. Would you turn on the heat in the summer? Is that going against your body’s rhythm? Would you put on the air condition to compensate? You don’t need a perfect score card. Find your rhythm and find your balance.
Learn More Here
A few ways to help balance the ECS:
1. Start by looking at your foods and asking 2 questions.
    1: Where did you come from?
    2: What will you do for me?
We are sold on taste though often times taste comes with a silent downside. The best analogy I can make here is to remind you of the last time you dated a girl or guy because of her/his good looks and eventually realized there was nothing fulfilling about this relationship. It may have helped pass the time but you found yourself back to square one and maybe even worse off then you were before you met.
2. Ditch the yellow oils. Cook with avocado oil or coconut oil.
Yellow oils have a high ratio of omega-6 and omega-3. Omega-6 is mainly inflammatory. We already get enough of this in our diet and for many Americans that ratio could look like 40:1 (omega-6: omega-3). Canola oil is in almost everything! If you are looking for snacks, you’ll start to see hummus, popcorn and other items made with olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil and ghee. So read your labels.
3. Make the switch from conventional dairy and meat to grass-fed. Kerry Gold butter is ECS approved!
4. Incorporate hemp foods into your daily diet. Seeds are a great place to start. Click here for an easy Hemp Seed Hummus Recipe.


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Wishes for 2018! Do you know what color green and yellow make?

Charteuese. Not the fist color combination that we usually think of. In 2018, I wish you a new perspective. I wish you the thoughts that are tucked away inside waiting for the right moment to appear. Its in absence that we allow for discovery. May you discover something this year. This is not a resolution. This is not a goal. You can't control it and you'll only find solace in letting go. I wish you the patience and awareness to let this discovery take place.

And for those who have committed to a goal or new years resolution ... I hope you'll find your rhythm.

Before you begin paying more attention to ways to improve your nutrition and overall health, know that this is not a temporary process. Our bodies are constantly falling in and out of balance. Some of us may need to dedicate more time and attention to getting this balance, while others will find it effortlessly. For me, this has been a (adult) life-long process. Eating and living healthfully are parts of my life. The ultimate goal is to stay close enough to the point of balance on a daily basis to struggle less and find a rhythm that you can exist in.

I promise to highlight foods and recipes this year!
This was an exciting find. Lavva vegan yogurt free of added sugars and gluten and sweetened with plantains making it paleo-friendly.